Over the years since we started repairing vintage bicycles, there have been certain brands that have amazed us for their outstanding quality and refinement. From our ‘best bikes ever’ list, the one that has always caught our eye is Kalkhoff.

Haciendo bicicletones desde 1919. Casi nada.

Made in Germany since 1919.

Kalkhoff has been a global cycle innovation champion since it was founded early in the 20th century. Its main features are state-of-the-art design, outstanding quality and a remarkable outline.

Algunos modelos clásicos de Kalkhoff son sencillamente sublimes.

Vintage models such as the Kalkhoff Club are truly wondrous.

We had been after them for a long time, and we are very excited to tell you we are now Official Kalkhoff Dealers for the Malaga area. The 2015 Kalkhoff Catalogue is fully available in our shop – you can get a full grasp of it in the Kalkhoff Website.

Las gamas más destacadas son urbana, trekking y eléctricas.

Urban, trekking and e-bikes are a must-see.

Kalkhoff? What’s the big deal about them?

Kalkhoff bikes are globally recognised by some distinctive features that set them apart from their competitors:

  • Outstanding frames: hand-made in Germany with premium quality aluminium, sturdy geometry, and a spotless finish – strong, light, and a distinct outline. All frames enjoy a 10-year guarantee.
No todos pueden decir lo mismo.

How many brands can say this?

  • Innovation: Kalkhoff bikes include the latest developments in bicycle technology for safety and comfort – such as the Magura hydraulic rim brakes, which offer outstanding braking power even in wet conditions; or the dynamo hub lighting systems, with parking lights that stay on when the bicycle comes to a stop.
  • Top-shelf components: there are no ‘economy’ Kalkhoff models. All of them are equipped with Shimano gears and brakes, whereas superior models have Rohloff hubs with up to 14-speed inner gear systems: the ‘Mercedes’ of bicycle gears.

Petty details make a big difference.

  • Designed in unison: frame and components fit perfectly into each other, making Kalkhoff the ‘Apple’ of cycling. Bikes are designed to be beautiful and handy at the same time. Take the rear mudgard as an example: it is built into the carrier to make it neat and solid. Every single screw is top quality.

Would you like to learn more about each model? Check out our online catalogue at www.clinicadelabicicleta.com – or even better, come to our shop in Malaga and try these rolling wonders yourself.